Flame BBQ Large

Standard Set: Grill with a table fitted around and extendable chimney (2 grates and grill table’s safety fence incl.): Grill body diagonal – 770 mm, Height from the ground to the table top – 620 mm Table: side tables from 3-layer panel, thickness 19 mm, width 220 mm – surface natural, not coated; Table diagonal – 1400 mm, Fire box diagonal – 880 mm, Smoke hood diameter – 1200 mm, Smoke pipes length – 900 mm and 1500 mm, Smoke pipe diameter – 300 mm and 310 mm (2 parts). Rain collar and rain cap Large grate (450 mm) designed for grilling vegetables, meat and fish with wooden handle, coated with varnish. Small grate (200 mm) for coffee pot with wooden handle coated with varnish Hook for the pot.

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