UV-C generator 12 W

Blue Lagoon UV-C Tech 40 Watt is a good way to kill bacteria in water UV rays are created by a special blue lagoon uv-c tech, which provides a lethal effect on bacteria and maintains clean and clear water in the tub. UV rays with a wavelength of 253.7 mm kill bacteria in water without chemicals Technical specifications UV-C lamp 40 W UV-C (W) 15 W Max. flow over 20,000 l / h Max. pressure 2 bar Connection size Ø63 mm Unit length 100 cm Advantages of UV-C treatment: • Provides fresh, clean water • Disinfects water efficiently, in an environmentally friendly and safe way. • Controlled growth of fungi, bacteria and algae • Reduces the use of chlorine and other chemicals by up to 80% • Protects against chlorine odor and skin and eye irritation (red eyes) • Better for the environment compared to traditional methods Blue Lagoon UV-C Tech advantages: • up to 35% more UV-C radiation due to reflection • UV-C technology bulb VGE T5 with 9000 hours of life • Housing made of 316L stainless steel • Easy installation and maintenance • 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects

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