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Camping pod

Introduction: The Allure of Camping Pod

Camping Pods, also known as Glamping Pods, offer a delightful fusion of comfort and outdoor living. These uniquely shaped structures cater to groups of 4-6 people, providing snug and spacious accommodation amidst natural landscapes.

Perfect for Outdoor Retreats

Ideal for campsite owners and music festival organizers, Camping Pods elevate the outdoor experience. Their cozy interiors and charming designs enhance the allure of nature, attracting those seeking a more refined camping experience.

Versatile Usage

Beyond traditional camping, Camping Pods serve a multitude of purposes. They make for picturesque garden or guest houses, serene summer retreats, productive home offices, creative workshops, cozy fishers’ cabins, inviting beach huts, tranquil leisure spots, and imaginative playhouses for children.

Crafted for Quality and Comfort

Crafted from top-quality materials, Camping Pods epitomize excellence in camping accommodation. They promise unmatched leisure experiences, blending comfort with the beauty of the great outdoors.

Terms of Delivery:

The price includes VAT and EXW from Lithuania. Our logistic services are available upon the buyer’s request to all European locations. A 0% VAT invoice will be issued for EU buyers who are legal entities and VAT payers in their country of origin. Buyers from countries outside the EU are obliged to pay their import taxes as set by their government.  

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